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Za Brumlovkou 266/2
140 00 Praha
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Office building with convenient layout in Prague's vibrant location BBC Gamma


Outstandingly well-equipped office building featuring an open architectural design

The BB Centrum is a complex urban centre in Prague's 4th district which was developed in the last twenty years. This unique development project started to take shape towards the end of the last millennium and currently ranks among the most comprehensive developments in the Czech Republic. 

The GAMMA office building was designed by the Aulik Fišer architectural studio. It has a total of 30,000 m2 of rental area across 10 above-ground floors. There are 500 parking spaces on three underground floors. A typical floor has an area of more than 3,000 m2. Retail units on the ground floor (i.e. cafeteria, café, chinese restaurant) are especially beneficial to those who work in the building. Due to its unique architectural design, it is one of the most impressive modern office buildings within the BB Centrum area. 

BB Centrum – Meet your new office in one of the most exclusive office complexes in Prague

An interesting architectural design offers features such as fully glazed panoramic lifts which dominate the design of the luminous and spacious entrance, meeting rooms which extend into the atrium over two floors and the slender pedestrian bridges that connect both parts of the building. The glass roof provides plenty of daylight. The refined atrium uses natural materials (stone and wood) to balance out the large glass surfaces with warmer materials. The top floor of the building features a large roof garden with benches and relaxation zones, richly planted with trees and plants, inviting everybody to sit or walk and relax. There is also smaller terrace on the 8th floor. 

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