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Hektoroviceva 2
10000 Zagreb
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A modern A-class office building Grand Center Zagreb


Premium office space located on the corner of Hektorovićeva Road in the center of Zagreb with easy access by car and public transport

The Grand Center Zagreb is a modern, high quality office building with a distinguishing architectural design which is eye-catching and unique in its appearance. Based on the rectangular shaped ground and first floor the second to eighth floors make up an oval tower which is split in two. With excellent access to both highway and public transport as well as state-of-the-art and flexible office spaces the Grand Center Zagreb is outstanding on the market.

The interior design of the office building is of high standard with plasterboard walls and partitions placed according to the tenant’s requirements. The building is designed to provide an innovative office space with a friendly and spacious main entrance area on the ground floor with a total of approximately 16.000m² office space.

The building is located on the corner of Hektorovićeva Street and Radnička Street in the center of Zagreb, very close to the junction with Držićeva Street. This part of the city constitutes a new business district.

Grand Center offers individual office solutions in order to meet the functional needs of all tenants according to their organizational culture.

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