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Wienerbergstrasse 3-5
1100 Wien
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myhive Wienerberg | Urban Garden


myhive Urban Garden

Urban Garden brings work and life into a sustainable balance for you. And that while you go about your business. Embedded in a green terrace landscape, your new office feels like a natural recreational area with a living room atmosphere. By the way, meetings or work sessions in the open air are possible at myhive am Wienerberg | Urban Garden program from the very beginning. Because your new office or personal rental space naturally has its own balcony with a garden - with a direct view of the Wienerberg recreational area. myhive am Wienerberg | Urban garden prevents many stress factors. Thanks to office spaces that adapt to the needs of your company, a generous infrastructure including shops for daily needs and a large number of restaurants and cafes right in front of the office door. And the ideal transport connection allows you to reach any destination without rushing. We are also committed to sustainable trade. The design of all green spaces including plants, the greatest possible waste disposal and careful energy consumption are the responsibility of all tenants.

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