Our concept for retail parks and retail trade

Our retail properties stand for high quality

Regular, effective networking with international retail chains and partners is one of our strengths when successfully managing a retail property. A balanced tenant mix and the integration of leisure and entertainment facilities create an environment in which our tenants can achieve the highest possible revenues. We also use this potential to develop our own projects. We offer retail property in the best locations in the most promising countries. Our focus is on value-creating growth by means of our own project developments and acquisitions, as well as on the further optimisation of our portfolio structure.

Our VIVO! concept for Shopping Centres

The Brand

VIVO! opens up new shopping qualities for medium-sized cities

VIVO! is our shopping centre brand. These are designed for cities with a catchment area of at least 200,000 residents and boast strong anchor tenants and an attractive mix of international and local providers. This variety and diverse product range are intended to ensure the presence of suitable shops for various target groups. VIVO! combines shopping with the experience factor and is aimed at the entire family. Modern food courts also ensure that visitors have an ample choice of dining facilities.

Most of the shopping centres are single-storey and enjoy a high degree of recognition.

Our STOP SHOP concept for retail parks

The Brand

The best locations for the best shops

STOP SHOP is our brand for retail parks in Central and Eastern Europe. These are pleasant, practical neighbourhood shopping centres with a catchment area of 30,000 to 150,000 residents and offer a wide range of everyday products.

Characterised by attractive price-performance ratios, the concept is particularly suited to secondary and tertiary cities in regions with comparatively low incomes.

With their good transport links and extensive parking, these locations appeal to price-conscious “smart shoppers” who value easy accessibility. STOP SHOPs also offer their customers impressively consistent quality standards.