Your continued development and promotion prospects at IMMOFINANZ

Curiosity is a trait that sets our employees apart. So why not put this to use and make the most of the numerous training and development opportunities that the IMMOFINANZ Academy has to offer? You can expand your specialist knowledge through both "on the job" training as well as internal and external courses, thereby ensuring your continued development.

We support you in your positive growth by offering a multitude of training sessions, language courses, economics and management courses and opportunities to participate in conferences. We are happy to offer you advice during your performance review meetings, as your personal development is the key to your future career at IMMOFINANZ.

Work with us to achieve your professional goals

Our highlight is IMMOFINANZ real estate training. This consists of an internal training programme that focuses on the basic elements of IMMOFINANZ's core business activities. Over the course of the programme, our internal experts share their knowledge with all our employees.

Knowledge only increases when it is shared. You will therefore share your know-how with your colleagues in Immofinanz's core markets through "open" exchange, in the truest sense of the word.

Gain experience whilst on the job, as one learns the most simply by doing. This will enable you to take on your own areas of responsibility as quickly as possible and make a positive impression by acting on your own initiative.