IMMOFINANZ: A commercial real estate group with a focus on Europe

Portfolio geared towards the three brands VIVO!, STOP SHOP and myhive

Our core business is the management and development of retail and office properties in selected countries in Western and Eastern Europe. In the office sector, we concentrate on the capital cities of our core countries and the major office locations in Germany with our flexible, international myhive brand. The office portfolio is responsible for approx. 30% of the total portfolio value. Our activities in the retail sector are based on the established, resilient STOP SHOP brand for retail parks and VIVO! for regional shopping centres which are designed, above all, for secondary and tertiary cities. The retail portfolio is responsible for roughly 32% of the total portfolio value. In addition to the professional management of these properties, we focus on value-creating growth through our own development projects and acquisitions – always with the goal of strengthening our standing investments and sustainable cash flow.

As of the end of 2022, we increased our investment in S IMMO to 50% plus one1 share and has now fully consolidated this company. The property portfolio of the IMMOFINANZ Group (including S IMMO) has a value of EUR 7.8 billion and covers roughly 500 properties as of 30 September 2023. Of this total, around 37% of the portfolio value is attributable to S IMMO. Eight core markets form the geographical focus of our business activities in Europe: Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Adriatic region. The local teams in each of these core markets are the guarantee for strong service orientation and customer satisfaction.

The IMMOFINANZ share has traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange since December 1994 and on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since May 2013.