Our Income Sources

We manage and develop clearly defined real estate product groups in our core countries.

In our day-to-day business operations, we concentrate on the professional management of our properties and the continuous optimization of the offering for our customers. In-house project developments and acquisitions in our core markets strengthen the portfolio and sustainable cash flow. Property sales are used to adjust and further simplify the portfolio structure.

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Asset Management

The asset management area is responsible for the optimal management of our real estate portfolio, with the explicit goal of value appreciation. We generate the majority of our income in this area.

Service orientation and customer satisfaction are central to our work. Local teams ensure close cooperation with our customers. This is a critical advantage in the international real estate business. As a result of this "local to local" principle, we not only benefit from the asset manager's local network, but also from faster decisions.

The implementation of individual customer requests plays a central role – a high degree of flexibility and the ongoing optimisation of our portfolios are closely connected to this. We have therefore put targeted measures in place to maintain the high quality and improve the rental status and income of our real estate portfolio.

These refurbishments of existing real estate help us to remain an attractive partner for existing tenants and are therefore an important competitive factor.

Property Acquisitions & Sales

Acquisitions in our core markets enable us to strengthen our portfolio, while sales of real estate serve to adjust and further streamline its structure.

Our teams analyse developments in the individual markets on an ongoing basis. They identify opportunities early on and are in a position to react quickly to them.

Our strong presence in the core markets, long-term experience in undertaking transactions and excellent network form the basis for the successful implementation of this strategy.

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Project Development

We strengthen our portfolio through development of our Office and Retail real estate properties. This enables us to benefit along the entire value chain from growth in real estate markets. Additionally, project development know-how is important in creating value from the management of the portfolio – e.g. in modernisations and revitalisations of office buildings or expansion of shopping centres and retail parks.

We have the know-how to effectively undertake all activities from the purchase of land to construction planning, financing, implementation and rental.

In the Retail segment, we are continuing the rapid expansion of our successful STOP SHOP brand.

In the Office segment, the myhive Victoria Park, an existing office property in Bucharest, is currently undergoing extensive modernisation and integration in the flexible myhive office concept.


Clearly defined product brands

We are focussing on our core competencies of retail and office and systematically strengthening our competitive position in these areas.

To be more transparent and convey more security for our customers, we primarily appear with strong office and retail brands, towards the markets. 




With our international office brand, myhive, and the development of innovative office buildings we focus on modern office concepts.


Regular, effective networking with international retail chains and partners is one of our strengths.

About Us

We are a listed European commercial property group focusing on two asset classes: office and retail in eight core markets. Learn more!