Financial Reports

Are you interested in our financial reporting? Here you can find all annual and interim reports released by IMMOFINANZ since our 2010/2011 financial year for download in PDF form or as an ESEF package.


Our Annual Report 2022 was awarded Best Practices Recommendations GOLD by EPRA for the third time in a row. Our non-financial reporting in the 2022 Annual Report received GOLD recognition at the EPRA Sustainability Best Practices Recommendations Awards for the first time (after silver in previous years). 

 EPRA Sustainability Best Practices Recommendations GOLD

At the Academy Award of Annual Reports, we again received several awards in the Real Estate Management segment for our Annual Report 2022:

  • Silber in the category "Interior Design" and in "Infographics" 
  • Bronze in the category "Traditional Annual Report" and in "Cover Photo/Design" 
  • Honors in the category "Illustrations"

In the previous year, we received gold in the category "Traditional Annual Report", silver in the category "Infographics" and bronze in the categories "Interior Design" and "Illustrations".

ARC Award 2023

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