Corporate Governance

Commitment to the Austrian Corporate Governance Code

We pursue responsible business activities that are designed to create and maintain sustainable, long-term value. In line with this orientation, the company strives to achieve a high degree of transparency for all stakeholders.

The Austrian Corporate Governance Code provides Austrian stock companies with a framework for corporate management and monitoring. Our Executive Board and Supervisory Board are committed to compliance with the code, in the currently applicable version, and to the related transparency and principles of good management.

The code (version of January 2020) is published below and on the website of the Austrian Working Group for Corporate Governance.

IMMOFINANZ’s compliance with the provisions of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code was evaluated by the auditor, Deloitte Audit Wirtschaftsprüfung GmbH, in connection with a review of the Corporate Governance Report. The related auditor’s report can be reviewed below. The evaluation of the Corporate Governance Report for 2019 did not result in any objections. 

Articles of Association

For IMMOFINANZ AG, the articles of association represent the essential foundation and create a legally binding framework for the company and its executive bodies. They provide information on the business purpose, share capital and share as well as rules for the executive bodies (Executive Board and Supervisory Board). Issues like the annual general meeting, the annual financial statements and the distribution of profit are also addressed. Download our Articles of Association here for more information:

Directors' Dealings

The members of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board of IMMOFINANZ AG as well as all closely related persons must report their transactions in IMMOFINANZ financial instruments not only to IMMOFINANZ but also to the Austrian Financial Market Authority (“Finanzmarktaufsicht”, FMA). IMMOFINANZ meets the requirement to report these directors’ dealings, meaning the transactions carried out by these managers, through publication on its website. For further information see the Directors’ Dealings below:

Directors' Dealings 2020

Supervisory Board Qualification Matrix

Based on IMMOFINANZ’s strategic positioning as a leading provider of commercial property solutions in its core markets and the goal to generate further value-creating growth through acquisitions and internal project development, the criteria and areas which require experience for the successful work and goal attainment of the Supervisory Board were evaluated. The expertise of the Supervisory Board members (shareholder representatives) was evaluated and aggregated in a qualification matrix: 

Supervisory Board Qualification Matrix



Click here for all information on the top managers on the IMMOFINANZ Executive Board.

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