Code of conduct for lobbying activities

pursuant to § 7 of the Austrian Lobbying and Interest Group Transparency Act (LobbyG)

Lobbying is a legitimate element of democratic systems. The enactment of the Austrian Lobbying and Interest Group Transparency Act introduced a mandatory lobbying and interest group register and, among others, requires companies which use corporate lobbyists to base these lobbying activities on a code of conduct. 

Accordingly, IMMOFINANZ has prepared a code of conduct for lobbying activities. This code of conduct defines the principles for the transparent and responsible exercise of lobbying activities. 

Compliance with legal regulations

Our activities are based on legal regulations, in particular the Austrian Lobbying and Interest Group Transparency Act, as well as the rules for good governance. We record all corporate lobbyists in the lobbying and interest group register. 


Integrity is an elementary part of our corporate culture. We do not use any dishonest or improper means to collect and distribute information for political decision-making or to support our interests. 

Prohibition of acts of corruption and other improper behaviour

We do not grant or promise prohibited advantages of any type to functionaries. Any appearance of improper behaviour is avoided. 


We follow open and respectful interaction with all functionaries. We inform ourselves of and respect all announced restrictions and incompatibility provisions related to the functionaries‘ activities, to the extent they are publicly announced. 


We openly explain the company’s interests and our business policies. Functionaries are always provided with truthful, up to date and correct information on central positions for issues that touch our corporate interests. 


We protect the confidentiality of trustworthy information, which is neither disseminated nor used for other purposes.