Shareholders' Structure

Shareholders with investments of more than four per cent

S IMMO AG (via CEE Immobilien GmbH): 13,388,358 shares according to the shareholding notification as of 27 March 2018 

RPPK Immo GmbH (formerly CARPINUS Holding GmbH)1:

  • 12.07 million voting rights according to the shareholding notifications as of 3 March 2020 from Peter Korbacka and Ronny Pecik
  • 1 million shares and 5 certificates from the mandatory convertible bond according to the directors' dealings announcements as of 10 July 2020 from RPPK Immo GmbH 
  • 1.13 million shares according to directors' dealings announcements in July, August and September 2020 from RPR Treasury GmbH, which is indirectly controlled by Ronny Pecik (according to the Austrian Stock Exchange Act)
  • On 29th January 2021, IMMOFINANZ informed in an adhoc announcement about potential changes in the shareholder structure with regard to RPPK Immo 

Radovan Patrick Vitek (via WXZ1 a.s.): 11,253,452 voting rights (corresponds to 9.13% at the announcement date) attached to shares and 1,078,893 voting rights (corresponds to 0.88% at the announcement date), which can be acquired via financial instruments. The shareholding notification was made on 19 May 2021. 

Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Structure Q1 2021

Indirect control (according to the Austrian Stock Exchange Act): Ronny Pecik and Peter Korbačka; includes other financial instruments 

Detailed analysis of the shareholder structure

IMMOFINANZ shares are widely held, primarily by private investors in Austria and by long-term institutional investors from Europe and the USA. Free float (based on the definition issued by the Vienna Stock Exchange for the Prime Market segment) equalls roughly 63%. 

Regular shareholder surveys help us to define the regional focal points for investor relations activities. The latest survey was carried out in January 2021 and shows the following picture: 27.1% of all IMMOFINANZ shares are held by private investors in Austria. Institutional investors hold 24.5% of the free float shares, whereby most come from the USA (7.0%), Austria (6.3%) and the United Kingdom (2.2%). Fixed shareholdings by investors represent 29.9%, while the treasury shares held by IMMOFINANZ (5.7%) are also attributed to fixed shareholdings based on the free float definition of the Vienna Stock Exchange. The remaining 10.0% are unidentified investors or shares held by foreign private investors. A 2.8% component is attributable to trading accounts.

Shareholder Structure Q1