Annual General Meetings

Joint decisions

Once each year, IMMOFINANZ invites its shareholders to an annual general meeting. The decisions taken by this meeting cover, among others, the distribution of profit, the election of members to the supervisory board and the selection of the auditor as well as remuneration for the members of the supervisory board. The annual general meeting is officially convened through a public announcement in keeping with a notification period of 28 days. For extraordinary general meetings, the notification period is 21 days.

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31st Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on 29 May 2024

The 31st ordinary shareholders’ meeting of IMMOFINANZ AG took place on 29 May 2024 at Wiener Stadthalle. We thank the shareholders for their active participation in our ordinary shareholders’ meeting.

Presentation for the Annual General Meeting 


Important information for download

30th Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on 3 May 2023
29th Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting on 12 July 2022
Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting on 31 March 2022
28th Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting on 19 October 2021
27th Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of IMMOFINANZ AG on 1 October 2020
26th Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of IMMOFINANZ AG on 22 May 2019
23rd Annual General Meeting of IMMOFINANZ AG on 29 September 2016