Sustainability at IMMOFINANZ

“We are well aware of our responsibility and have been addressing sustainability trends in our portfolio strategy for many years.” 

Dietmar Reindl, COO

Our sustainability strategy and goals

IMMOFINANZ is one of the leading commercial real estate specialists in Central and Eastern Europe and an active portfolio manager of over 200 office and retail properties. The size of this portfolio gives rise to a particular responsibility for us – in economic, social and ecological terms – towards our stakeholders, the environment and society. Our business model is therefore oriented towards long-term, sustainable value creation in line with environmental, economic and social considerations.

The corporate Code of Conduct forms the basis for exercising our responsibility and for all business activities and decisions within the company. It sets out the fundamental approach and values for responsible corporate governance at IMMOFINANZ. We ensure that we interact responsibly with the environment, employees, customers and business practices. 

Sustainability Projects & News

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Sustainability is a daily routine in our VIVO! Shopping Centers

Whether it is office or retail, our approach towards ESG topics is equally important. You will be surprised by the wide scope and the amount of sustainability initiatives that we actually implemented and plan to continue. Enjoy the video showing our ESG measures in our VIVO! shopping centers. 

Our sustainability strategy and goals

IMMOFINANZ views itself as a partner to its stakeholders and is above all committed to its tenants and their customers with the assurance of quality and safety. Sustainability factors are incorporated in the planning, construction and operation of our properties in order to meet the needs of our stakeholders and to minimise the environmental impact through business activities. The constant reduction in the CO2 footprint of our portfolio, through usage of environmentally friendly technology and the systematic improvement of the portfolio’s energy efficiency, constitutes part of our sustainability strategy.

IMMOFINANZ is currently working intensively on measures and the formulation of quantitative targets to achieve long-term climate neutrality in its portfolio and has the objective of continuously improving the portfolio’s resource utilisation efficiency. It is planned to present this strategy in 2021.

A key area of strategic focus is on tenant loyalty, driven by strong customer satisfaction, and attracting new tenants. IMMOFINANZ’s brands serve as a commitment to service and quality in this respect.

Our employees are the foundation of our activities. They bring our values to life and their commitment guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction. We aim to create a work environment based on openness and mutual respect throughout the Group. Especially in times of overall uncertainty, our positioning as a stable employer that is resilient to crises is particularly important. 

Governance processes
ESG committee

Integration of sustainability in governance processes

The Executive Board is responsible for IMMOFINANZ’s strategic direction and sustainable company performance. The Supervisory Board supports and advises the Executive Board. The sustainability management strategic focal points are based on the materiality analysis conducted in 2020. 

Materiality analysis

Starting point

Update on our materiality analysis

In 2020 we updated our materiality analysis and involved external stakeholders in the process. This helps us to prioritise those ESG issues that are most important for our business model. The results from the previous analysis conducted in 2017 formed the basis for the process. In an internal expert workshop held in order to specify and assess economic, environmental and social impacts, management from all business areas reviewed the previous material issues to evaluate their current applicability and relevance and identify missing focal points. 


Materiality matrix

The y-axis shows the extent of the influence on stakeholder assessments and decisions. The x-axis shows the significance of the economic, environmental and social impacts that result from IMMOFINANZ’s activities. 

Diagram Materiality matrix

Sustainability reporting



Please refer to the documents for details: 

In our non-financial statement you can find out what goals we have set ourselves and how we plan to achieve them. The statement contains important facts and data on our responsibility towards the environment, tenants and customers, as well as towards employees and our business practices.

The non-financial statement is part of the group management report and is published in the annual financial report and the annual report. We again received the EPRA Sustainability Best Practices Recommendations SILVER for our non-financial reporting in the 2020 Annual Report. 

EPRA Sustainability Best Practices Recommendations SILVER

Green Financing & ESG Rating

Investing sustainably

More and more investors are basing their investment decisions on criteria such as environmental protection, social behaviour and fair corporate governance. They want to invest in companies with a sustainable business strategy. 

Sustainability Ratings & Rankings


Sustainalytics Badget

IMMOFINANZ with ESG risk assessments by Sustainalytics 

In Q1 2021, Sustainalytics, the world's leading independent provider of ESG and corporate governance research, updated its ESG rating of IMMOFINANZ.

This ESG rating now serves as base value for potential margin adjustments of IMMOFINANZ’s EUR 100.0 million Revolving Credit Facility, which was closed in March 2020 and subsequently extended in May 2021. The Revolving Credit Facility is therewith ESG-linked and can be drawn until 30 June 2023 ensuring further financial flexibility for IMMOFINANZ. 

Find the Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating Summary Report here: