Bettina Schragl

BUWOG - Sale of fractional shares has taken place

In the past week the sale of the fractional amounts that arose with the allocation of BUWOG's split shares took place. The custodian banks reported fractional amounts totaling 12,912 BUWOG shares. They were sold on the stock exchange by Erste Group at an average price of EUR 13.3105 per share.

The settlement date is Monday, 19 May. There may be shorter delays at several banks, however.A reminder: How did these fractional shares come about?

As a result of the allocation ratio of 20:1, shareholders who hold a number of IMMOFINANZ Shares in their respective securities accounts that could not be evenly divided by twenty without remainder received so-called "fractional shares" (a claim to a fraction of a BUWOG share – not tradable on the stock exchange). They have now been sold for the shareholders automatically and the sales proceeds credited to them. Thus if you had, for example, 110 IMMOFINANZ shares in your portfolio, you received 5.5 BUWOG shares posted, 0.5 shares of which have now been sold.