Przemek Wardega

IMMOFINANZ – a newspaper for our VIVO! clients

In a few weeks from now, more precisely at the beginning of November, our VIVO! shopping center in Stalowa Wola will open its doors. In order to create a high awareness for this coming event, we created an unconventional and modern direct marketing idea: Our first newspaper - "VIVO! News".Today VIVO! News was distributed in a morning delivery to our retail partners – together with a VIVO! branded coffee cup, as well as a coffee box and a morning snack. So the recipients can do what most people do in the morning: Enjoy breakfast and read a newspaper. Of course, VIVO! News is not an “ordinary” newspaper, although it also includes a weather forecast as well as a lighter last page with a horoscope, word puzzle and cooking recipes.

In our VIVO! News readers can find articles, among others, on the opening date of this facility, on the construction stage and on our team. As our best ambassadors are those tenants who decided for VIVO! Stalowa Wola, we asked a few of them for their comments and included them in our newspaper. Following are two examples.

"Our intension is to strengthen our presence both in Stalowa Wola and in the entire region. The city is growing rapidly, it has great residents who follow the spirit of the time and are open to modern ideas and technology. The VIVO! shopping center will become a regional center for culture and commerce with excellent sales potential. It is also a well communicated investment, distinctive, customer friendly and interestingly arranged. Therefore we definitely decided to also be there!" - Michał Mystkowski, Mediaexpert spokesperson.

"Our strategy for network development on the Polish market includes the presence of brands from the LPP portfolio in all of the cities with over 50,000 inhabitants. We are happy to make our debut in this modern shopping center in Stalowa Wola, especially because such a great facility has been missing in this region up to now. The idea to locate our brand stores in the VIVO! shopping center was also supported by our previous positive experience in cooperation with the investor in other cities."- Martha Chlewicka acting LPP spokesperson.

We are looking forward to the readers’ feedback to our morning delivery and believe that this type project can be also considered for our other, not only retail, events and properties. So we will definitely continue with our newspaper publishing…:-).