Wilhelm Sterl

IMMOFINANZ among the Top 100 Employers in Austria

kununu, the largest employer review platform in German-speaking countries, has in conjunction with the STANDARD newspaper identified the best employers in Austria. Our company performed very positively, not only in the overall category (Top 100 Employers), but also in the sector evaluation. While we are number 60 among the top 100 Austrian employers, we are in seventh place among the top 30 companies in the financial sector, ranking as the best real estate company. Important background detail: All of the approximately 33,000 Austrian companies that have been assessed on theoretically had a chance to gain the title.

How did the result come about? Whoever is ultimately selected as Top Employer is decided exclusively by the reviews on It is in the hands of employees, former employees, candidates and trainees, who determine who makes it into the Top 100 and who doesn't through their anonymous feedback.

Ekkehard Veser, Director of Germany, Austria & Switzerland ('DACH') at kununu, talks about a transformation in the world of employment: "Candidates are today able to comprehensively inform themselves online about a potential employer. Authentic reports about the experiences of employees and candidates play an important role here. (...) For employers, this means no less than a paradigm shift."