Nathalie Boyke

IMMOFINANZ CFO Stefan Schönauer talks about takeover plans on Börsen Radio

Mr. Stefan Schönauer (CFO) in conversation with Sebastian Leben B.A.

Immofinanz focuses on retail and office properties, a business that has been hit by the corona pandemic. Q1 2021 is nevertheless significantly above the comparable quarter of the previous year: net profit of 123.1 million euros, compared to a loss of 37.6 million euros a year ago. Among other things, the increase in the value of the S Immo investment contributed to this. Immofinanz would like to have more of this, which is why a takeover bid was submitted. Immofinanz CEO Stefan Schönauer: "This is a very very good offer!" What are the growth plans, how well is Immofinanz positioned financially and what is plan B if the takeover bid fails?


Listen here to the podcast from Börsen Radio on 1st of June 2021 (in German)