Raluca Hendoreanu

IMMOFINANZ in Romania: myhive S-Park “conquers“ the Romanian blogs

Four Romanian bloggers recently turned our myhive S-Park office building in Bucharest into their workplace for an entire day. After an official “hello“ we gave these creative writers a tour of the myhive building – one of the three in Bucharest – and explained our myhive office concept. Adela, Vlad, Victor and the Times New Roman team enjoyed the myhive atmosphere and comforts, and then had an opportunity to work and interact in the myhive lobby, which became their workplace for the day.And they thoroughly enjoyed themselves: All four recorded their impressions – the blogs were very, very positive.

Adela Parvu:  
Vlad Petreanu: (lots of photos)
Victor Kapra: (lots of photos)
Satire-Portal Times New Roman: 
Since the individual comments were written in Romanian, here is a summary of the most important impressions:

- One thing is sure, the concept is impressive: All of the bloggers highlighted the communicative and service-oriented atmosphere. This was a direct result of their workplace, the light and friendly lobby that has so much to offer. Victor Kapra commented: “I have visited many office buildings, as well in Romania, as also abroad, but I have never seen such a large lobby with wi-fi, ambiental music at an appropriate volume level and you find many spots for meetings or for moments when you feel you have to gather your thoughts outside the office.” Vlad Petreanu summarised: “The lobby is not just a passage, but a place to spend time.”

- In particular, the lobby encourages communication between the tenants. The four bloggers also took advantage of this opportunity and enjoyed a number of interesting conversions with our tenants. Adela Parvu wrote: “People can get to know each other, they can discuss and find out more about each other’s work and, why not, they can create collaborations and even friendships. I spent some hours at myhive S-Park and I saw smiling, relaxed, communicative people willing to discuss with persons they met for the first time.”

- The infrastructure in the office building also made an impression. In addition to restaurants and cafés, you can also find stores for everyday shopping – from a pharmacy to a hairdresser. Vlad Petreanu: “If you go downstairs you find not only the cafeteria, but also shops and services areas: a drugstore, a flower shop, a grocery store, a hairdresser (which is overcrowded), and a massage salon which, I am told, has great success as well.” Adela Parvu summarises the benefits for our tenants’ employees as follows: “From the meetings to the breaks, from the acquisitions for home to the gifts taken from the ground floor of the building you work in, the benefits are numerous.”

- The Times New Roman portal was, among others, impressed by the locked cycle storage room and adjoining showers: “I’d really like to move in this building because I could take my bike to work, leave the bicycle in the garage downstairs – a big, locked room – then I’d take a shower.” Adela Parvu also noticed the recharging area for e-vehicles: “I saw even parking spots designed especially for electric cars. So, everyone who has this kind of vehicle, during the time spent in the office can recharge the car.”

- For all four, our office building is not only a collection of working areas: Adela Parvu: “It is more than an ensemble of offices and spaces, it is also a place for socializing, communication, exchange of ideas and, why not, new professional horizons.”