Julia Müller

IMMOFINANZ: myhive Twin Towers serve as military landing strip

Our location "myhive am Wienerberg" has a lot to offer: attractive work areas, convenient shopping facilities, leisure activities such as cinema, culinary offerings and fitness studio, numerous services such as tailoring, laundry service and shoe repair service, as well as after-work social activities for the myhive community - and that's all under one roof.But a lot can also happen on the roof - namely on the roof of the myhive Twin Towers - as was shown by an astounding exercise carried out by the military parachutists from the Wiener Neustadt Jagdkommandos (Special Operations Forces). A landing in a built-up area was on the agenda for the Austrian Armed Forces' Special Operations group. After the jump from the military helicopter, the target in this instance was the roof of the B-Tower of the myhive Twin Towers. The main part of the challenge was steering towards the landing area, which has a height of 125 metres and is barely bigger than a tennis court, and safely touching down there.

All of the parachutists mastered the task brilliantly and made the spectacular training exercise a special experience for all participants, as well as for us as the property owner.

Pictures (c)IMMOFINANZ/C.Stemper