Przemyslaw Wardega

myhive bike system in Poland sets a sign for inclusion and diversity

The myhive bike system, which is about to get rolling in Poland for the fifth consecutive year, is one of the most popular amenities which we provide to tenants. Starting usually in April each year, you can find more and more myhive-branded bicycles in Warsaw. Tenants especially like the option of taking them for up to 24 hours within one rental, so that they have the opportunity to park them in front of the house and get back to work again in the morning. In 2020 our bikes became even more popular, as they were used as a safer alternative for getting to work.

This year the number of myhive bikes increased to 100 in total and you can find them in front of all Polish myhive office buildings. Another change in comparison with the previous season is that this year we have used our bikes to spread in a creative but subtle way an additional message related to #inclusion and #diversity.

Through using coloured tyres on the bicycles and arranging them in the parking blocks in the form of a rainbow, we want to show that values like inclusion and diversity are particularly important for both IMMOFINANZ and the myhive brand.

From now on you will recognise our myhive bikes not only by the branding but also by the coloured tyres ;-).