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myhive Vienna Twin Tower with pioneering energy concept

As one of the biggest commercial property companies in Europe, we are at the spearhead of climate transition, actively pushing the transformation of our sector. By 2040, we want to have stopped emitting any climate-wrecking greenhouse gases., which would make us completely emission-free.

For us to be able to achieve this goal, we are implementing an extensive programme of measures aimed at the reduction of greenhouse gases. Part of this programme is to comprehensively renovate at least 5% of our real estate portfolio every year and to improve the energy efficiency of our real estate sustainably this way.

The energy-efficiency retrofit of our landmark building myhive Vienna Twin Tower illustrates our progress. An innovative concept and custom-made design allow us to produce cold air (6°C/12°C) and heat (85°C/40°C) at the same time on the basis of thermal coupling. As a result, our cutting-edge technology makes sure that it is nice and cool in summer and cosy and warm in winter. And we also save energy doing so, as we can use the waste heat that is usually discharged by cooling towers via our heat distribution network.

We thus reduce our annual need for district heat for the rooms and water at myhive Vienna Twin Tower by about 70%, which means we do not only save money, but also significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. Overall, we are reducing our CO2 emissions by 140 tons per year. This is the amount of CO2 that 525 households produce for heating and hot water per year.

But that is not all: with our new system, we can react individually to different peaks in demand and at the same time massively reduce the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. This makes both the environment and us happy! It is therefore no surprise that our project has been nominated for the HERMES Climate Protection Award, which means it is considered one of the ten best projects submitted.

myhive am Wienerberg
Business and office centre myhive in Vienna
myhive am Wienerberg / myhive Twin Towers (Austria) - Luftbildprofis
Photo(c)IMMOFINANZ - myhive am Wienerberg / myhive Twin Towers (AT)