Nikolay Evstratov

Our urban forest at STOP SHOP Lazarevac is growing and growing

Our pilot project regarding urban forest is making great progress – in the truest sense of words.  IMMOFINANZ planted over 430 plants on a space of ca.  100 sqm on the premises of its STOP SHOP in Lazarevac, Serbia. This is a unique project in our portfolio implemented according to the method of the Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki.

A variety of indigenous plants are planted closely together, so that they only receive sunlight from above and consequently grow upwards more strongly than outwards. The small forest with an integrated irrigation system helps to preserve biodiversity, improve the air quality and the water-holding capacity of the soil.

Besides urban forest, IMMOFINANZ installed a wind power generator and a photo-voltaic public lighting system with combined power of more than 450 Wp (watt peak). It will allow STOP SHOP Lazarevac to reduce the usage of regular electricity providing the retail park with cleaner energy from sustainable sources.

IMMOFINANZ is going to plant further urban forests based on the experience gained in Lazaravec, which will help us to consequently follow our ambitious ESG goals.

Urban Forest at STOP SHOP Lazarevac_2
Urban Forest at STOP SHOP Lazarevac (c)IMMOFINANZ
Urban Forest at STOP SHOP Lazarevac
Urban Forest at STOP SHOP Lazarevac (c)IMMOFINANZ