Nathalie Boyke

Pilot project: IMMOFINANZ with the first photovoltaic system for a STOP SHOP

The roof of a retail park in the Austrian city Stockerau has been transformed into a site for IMMOFINANZ’s first-ever photovoltaic energy system within its STOP SHOP retail brand. The STOP SHOP Stockerau (Austria) uses vacant roof space for sustainable energy generation with the installation of 1,008 photovoltaic modules on roughly 4,000 sqm. This equipment has successfully started operations and now supplies an alternative source of energy.

The STOP SHOP Stockerau will produce up to 400,000 KWh of electricity per year at peak performance, which corresponds to the annual energy consumption of 115 households. IMMOFINANZ wants to increase the share of renewable energies with this step and will feed surplus electricity into the Vienna network for general use.

Sustainable solar energy can save up to 155 tonnes of CO2 per year – that represents the CO2 emissions of nearly 1.2 million kilometres travelled by car. Additional opportunities for use are currently under evaluation. This project creates a constructive use for flat roof areas and makes a positive contribution to reducing the carbon footprint.

Further pilot projects are planned in other countries and include a STOP SHOP in Bratislava. IMMOFINANZ’s activities also involve the regular evaluation of additional opportunities for energy reduction and the use of alternative low-CO2 energy sources.