Nathalie Boyke

Successful launch: myhive enters into partnership with Access4you in Hungary

We are happy to announce that the first myhive building in Hungary has been successfully certified and approved by the Access4you organisation as an “accessible office building” for people with special needs. Starting with myhive Haller Gardens, it is planned to implement the concept gradually in all of our myhive offices in Hungary.

The creation of an inclusive environment plays an important role in forming a community. One of myhive’s main goals is to provide a vibrant community for its tenants to allow for the exchange of ideas. Facilitating access for people with special needs makes our community more diverse. It was therefore the logical consequence to adapt our first building in Hungary beyond the legal requirements, to the appropriate requirements.

Equal access to the working environment

In the world there are 1.2 billion, and in Europe 120 million, people with special needs. In Hungary alone there are 1.5 million people with special needs, who may have musculoskeletal, sensory or audiovisual conditions, or cognitive impairment, as a result of which they have difficulty adapting to an unknown environment. Nevertheless, all individuals should have equal access to the working environment and diverse views bring added value to many companies. That’s why we believe it is essential to provide a space where everyone can move and interact without limitations.

The vision of the founders of Access4you is to create an inclusive, sustainable and collaborative social environment. Their purpose is to promote accessibility by encouraging organisations to develop an accessible environment and by providing reliable and detailed information on the topic.