Stella Julia Hatzl

Sunshine, barbecue and a topping-out wreath in Lublin

On Tuesday a topping-out ceremony was celebrated at our shopping centre Tarasy Zamkowe in Lublin. IMMOFINANZ CEO Eduard Zehetner, the deputy mayor of Lublin, Grzegorz Sieminski, Warbud management board member Jerzy Werle and priest Jaroslaw Orkiszewski were on location. First, answers were provided in a moderated round of questioning on the current construction progress and occupancy rate, then afterward the topping-out wreath – modern and all in the colours of the shopping centre's logo – was placed on the rooftop ceremoniously.At this point half of all of the space is occupied by fashion retailers – a nice confirmation of our decision to position Tarasy Zamkowe as a fashion centre. Currently, we have a total occupancy rate of 70%, thus we are quite confident that we will be as good as fully let by the time of the opening in the first quarter of 2015. On the subject of the opening: in response to the question of whether Paris Hilton can be topped (she was the star guest at the opening of Silesia City Center in Katowice, which we have meanwhile sold), Eduard Zehetner said we will be sure to come up with something glamorous – the internal brainstorming is already underway...

Apart from that, the subject of the new specialty leasing programme – a programme with which we aim to bring primarily local tenants into the shopping centre – was also addressed. Here shorter leases are offered along with low investment costs, for instance for kiosks.

A total of nearly 100 guests responded to our invitation. With representatives from local television and radio, the media interest was considerable as well. Afterward there was a pleasant conclusion to the event at a summery barbecue featuring musical entertainment by "The Voice of Poland" winner Ania Sokolek. The agreeable temperatures and bright sunshine did their part – but have a look for yourselves; as always, we've brought a few pictures.