Julia Müller

trivago has fully arrived at the Düsseldorf Medienhafen and is celebrating the official opening

The time has come: Our tenant trivago has moved into leased space of around 26,000 sqm and is celebrating the official opening of its new headquarters at the Düsseldorf Medienhafen this week. Rolf Schrömgens, co-founder and CEO of trivago, said the following about the new company location: "Our campus reflects the attributes that really make us trivago: It creates many possibilities for inspiration and teamwork. When it comes to campus, I'm very happy that this one is ours." trivago was established in Dusseldorf - but from the first day onward, the focus was always on attracting international talent and international expansion. Today, people from more than 50 nations work at the trivago Campus developed by IMMOFINANZ. "We wanted to create a feeling of being at home and provide our employees with an environment which supports concentration and encourages teamwork", said Monique Quadflieg, Campus Development Team.

The building meets all of the needs of the latest generation of offices. For us as investor, it was also always important that trivago's innovative corporate philosophy was reflected in the architecture and the office environment. On every floor there are small kitchens, photocopy rooms, bathrooms, stairwells, Think Tanks, meeting rooms and conference rooms. Additionally, a campus library, a yoga room, two sets of sleeping quarters and a billiard room are all available to employees. trivago is bringing work-life balance to a whole new level, ranging from daily delivery of organic fruit to every floor, to a fully-equipped fitness studio and a running track on the roof.

According to CEO Rolf Schrömgens, "a modern office should make people enjoy going to work." On that note, we wish the trivago team much success and above all a lot of pleasure in their work.