Sven Rudloff

Uniper United in the new FLOAT office: Bringing together what belongs together

Sven Rudloff is VP Brand & Channel Management with Uniper. The following blog post was originally published on Uniper's company blog 
FLOAT is one of IMMOFINANZ' landmark properties in Duesseldorf. The office ensemble consists of six buildings designed by star architect Renzo Piano. Uniper has leased the entire office space. 

Starting this year, all Düsseldorf-based Uniper employees will be brought together to work as one in the Media Harbour

The move to our new Uniper headquarters in Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour is nearly complete. Over 1000 of our colleagues have been working in the “Capricorn” building for several years now. Company management and staff are currently in the process of moving from the old Düsseldorf headquarters at E.ON Platz to the new “Float” building, which was built alongside “Capricorn.” Both buildings will soon be linked to form a single unit via a pedestrian bridge. By the end of 2019, the remaining employees, who are currently working in the nearby “RWI” in Düsseldorf-Unterbilk, will make the move to “Float.” This will make the move complete.

During the course of 2019, we will unite all 2500 employees from across the region in the Medienhafen. So far, the move has gone off without a hitch, the atmosphere in the workplace is very good, and since we were the first ones to move in, we took advantage of the opportunity by giving every department a chance to take part in designing their workspace and room layout. A big advantage is that now everybody is able to communicate with each other more easily, whereas before we were spread out across numerous offices. Interactions between departments will be easier too. Now we are coming together as a real team.

Along with a Welcome Package, our employees can look forward to many services at the new joint location that will positively impact their daily work routine. This includes an IT Walk-In Center, a sufficient number of parking spaces for cars and bikes, a fitness center, a laundry service, a central mailroom, and in addition to the canteen, there will also be a café and a deli selling fruit and healthy snacks, both of which are also open to the general public. The office levels have modern furnished meeting spaces and lounges situated at the center of each floor, and employees will be working away from trafficked areas along each of the windowed facades. All employees will have height-adjustable desks.

Under the motto "Uniper United,” we are launching a local ad campaign to accompany the move. The ads will appear across Düsseldorf on trams, posters, and advertising pillars to tout our new shared locatio