Przemyslaw Wardega

VIVO! Lublin distributes trees in exchange for waste

VIVO! Lublin shows that caring for nature does not have to involve sacrifice - on the contrary, it brings many benefits. Last week, the shopping center in Poland, together with the local forestry administration, distributed 3,000 trees in exchange for used batteries or plastic caps. The action took place as part of the initiative "We grow with VIVO!".

To receive a small tree, customers had to deliver 10 batteries or 50 plastic caps to a designated place in VIVO! Lublin. The trees are ready to be planted directly.

The whole initiative was very well received and all the trees were collected within a few hours. The initiative of VIVO! Lublin also wanted to send a signal that sustainable actions must start at the local level in order to have a long-term global effect.

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