Przemyslaw Wardega

Warsaw Spire: IMMOFINANZ' introduction as the new owner of this top property with breakfast and a light installation

Following the closing for the acquisition of the Warsaw Spire office tower in Warsaw roughly two weeks ago, we have now turned our full attention to day-to-day operations – our work with the tenants and their employees. Personal contacts – meaning our community building – are a very important part of these activities.  

And that included a personal introduction for everyone. Our Polish team started the week on a good note by welcoming our tenants’ employees with breakfast in the Warsaw Spire lobby on Monday morning. All our colleagues – myself included – were at work behind the counter.

The breakfast was very well received – within two hours, we served all of the 5,000 prepared portions. This gave us an opportunity to speak with many of our tenants and their employees and introduce IMMOFINANZ as the new owner and ourselves as the new contacts. All in all, a perfect start for successful cooperation!

The light installations on the facade of the 220 metre-high tower of the Warsaw Spire are a real eye catcher. We used this space to send greetings to the entire city as the property’s new owner. Below you find a short video.