Charles Steiner

We are myhive am Wienerberg

With the introduction of the myhive brand, the Immofinanz location at Wienerberg has developed from an office building to a lively community. But what does myhive actually mean – and how does one establish such a community? Christian Kainz, Country Manager Immofinanz Austria, and Community Manager Julia Dobbler provides answers.

Coming from the South Autobahn, the two distinctive towers at Wienerberg are immediately visible. Externally, the high-rise silhouette am Wienerberg has been expanded only recently by an additional eye-catcher – a completely renovated office and hotel tower – but the real changes have taken place inside, with the introduction of the myhive brand. A friendly atmosphere, warm colours, an exclusive lounge for office workers, attentive reception personnel rather than grumpy security staff, and a whole range of events. Starting with Wienerberg, this concept has now spread to almost all Immofinanz offices. Thus creating synergies among the office tenants.

Like a hotel
But what does myhive mean? What is behind the concept? What does it contain? The logo provides the first clue. Four bars that together form a beehive shape. These four bars can also be seen as the four pillars that clearly and simply characterise the myhive concept: hospitality, infrastructure, community and flexibility. Country Manager Christian Kainz explains: “On the one hand, the pleasant atmosphere and the interior design at the myhive locations present a high recognition value. This design is inspired by hotel architecture. As soon as they enter the office property, the employee or visitor should feel at home and have a contact person.” Not a cold lobby, as in many other office buildings, but rather friendly personnel who are always happy to help – just like in a hotel reception.  

The myhive Wienerberg location also scores points with its extensive features and fittings, including a highly-modern bicycle room with showers and changing rooms, to which only office users have access, and the exclusive tenant lounge – also available to all employees – which can be used for meetings, private conversations or even a brief nap. Numerous services, such as a shoemaker, who also makes tailored shoes, a laundry service, an organic supermarket and a flower shop, for example for those who might have forgotten their wedding anniversary, make everyday life so much easier. Community Manager Julia Dobbler, the first point of contact for all tenants, is always coming up with something new. “We are now offering to make tailored shirts on the last Monday of each month.” The topic of mobility also receives priority: with its own shuttle service, car sharing, e-mopeds and e-scooters on offer, and bicycles to follow soon.

The infrastructure also leaves nothing to be desired: in “twelve” there is a highly-modern conference centre, while “thirtyfive”, on the 35th floor, has developed to become a top event location, with panoramic views of Vienna. Austria’s most modern cinema, as well as restaurants, cafés, a supermarket, drug store, post office, bank and hair salon supplement the offer. “Our hotel is also in great demand: the new Holiday Inn Vienna-South is popular not only with tourists, but also with our tenants, for their guests and staff from abroad,” explains Kainz.

At the heart of myhive is the community, the networking between the tenants. Community Manager Julia Dobbler lights up when she talks about the events of the previous year: “At this location we had nine 200minutes Afterwork Events, with more than 2,800 guests celebrating different occasions. Parties in 2019 included carnival, the beginning of spring, a retro party, a summer special, Oktoberfest, a Halloween party and, to conclude, a Christmas party. Our myhive community is also extremely sporty: a fact proven at eleven different events, at which it won 1st place 45 times and claimed 335 medals. Whether inside, with badminton, football, bowling and curling, or outdoors, with beach volleyball, football, golf and tobogganing – fun and action are always guaranteed.” And “Breakfast with Added Value” is also very popular with the myhive community. “This can be seen in our nine Expert Breakfasts, with many interested guests. Topics such as different generations, cyber security and success strategies form the programme for many discussions and networking. Naturally also including a hearty breakfast in the pleasant surroundings of the myhive lounge.” And, listening to Julia Dobbler, it is clear that the events calendar for 2020 is already chock-full.

Tenants not only have a great choice when it comes to the events and services on offer; myhive also provides flexibility in terms of rental contract and space – which brings us to the fourth pillar of the office concept. “Companies often used to be trapped in a certain office space due to long-term fixed rental contracts. If a company grew, space became too tight, while if it contracted, it was paying for unwanted space,” explains Kainz. The new flexible myhive 2.0 concept not only has an all-inclusive service, but also allows tenants to occupy standardised myhive office spaces quickly and easily, with short-term rentals. One thing is certain: that will not be the last innovation at myhive am Wienerberg.


This article appeared in cooperation with Immobilien Magazin.