Guidelines for communication in the IMMOFINANZ Blog

Dear Readers,

We are pleased you have decided to make an active contribution to the IMMOFINANZ Blog. In order to guarantee high-quality standards for these dialogues and allow for objective discussions, we kindly ask you to follow the Blog guidelines defined below:

  1. Identify yourself.
    Interaction and dialogue – the IMMOFINANZ Blog is intended to support both. However, we are not only interested in entering into a dialogue with you, we also want to know with whom we are communicating. Our bloggers use their name and introduce themselves. We also expect the same from you. Please take two minutes of your time to register and the communication flow can start.
  2. Think about your content carefully and respect legal regulations.
    The Internet does not forget easily. Once something is placed online, it can be accessed for years to come. Every user is responsible for his/her published communications and their content. Therefore, please think carefully about what you post and comply with legal regulations. In particular, when you quote persons or organisations, be sure to include their names and the sources because the violation of copyright law can have legal consequences.
  3. Treat others with fairness and respect.
    Personal relationships are based on fairness and respect. The same applies to blogs. Present your position objectively and do not insult or offend anyone.
  4. Do not discriminate.
    We support the right to freedom of expression. However, we will not tolerate any discrimination in our blog: content that is considered racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, degrading to a particular religion or sexual identity as well as content that represents a blanket condemnation of any cultural or national groups will be deleted; the same is true for statements that are inhumane, offend common decency or attempt to instigate violence.

Please note that we reserve the right to delete any contributions that violate these guidelines and/or ban your registration. Please also note that there is no right to publication.

Thank you and best regards,