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Announcement pursuant to section 93 para 2 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act per September 2015

IMMOFINANZ AG: Change in stake of voting rights of FRIES Holding GmbH

IMMOFINANZ AG was notified on 28 September 2015 in accordance with sections 91 et seq Austrian Stock Exchange Act that EBF Privatstiftung with its seat in Schwertberg and Dr. Rudolf FRIES Familien-Privatstiftung with its seat in Kaumberg transferred its shareholdings in Fries-Kapitalinvest Beteiligungs GmbH with its seat in Baden with transfer agreements dated 24 September 2015 to FRIES Holding GmbH with its seat in Vienna. FRIES Holding GmbH is now sole shareholder of Fries-Kapitalinvest Beteiligungs GmbH, which holds 60,976,813 shares in IMMOFINANZ AG according to the notification dated 27 August 2015. Thus, Fries-Kapitalinvest Beteiligungs GmbH holds more than 5% of IMMOFINANZ AG’s total share capital. FRIES Holding GmbH is wholly owned by FRIES Familien-Privatstiftung with its seat in Schwertberg.

As announced recently, Dr. Rudolf Fries is member of the supervisory board of IMMOFINANZ AG, managing director of FRIES Holding GmbH and founder as well as member of the advisory board of FRIES Familien-Privatstiftung.

Furthermore, IMMOFINANZ AG was notified on 29 September 2015 that the Fries family holds 8,805,000 shares in IMMOFINANZ AG and that directors’ dealings reports, if necessary, have been reported in time.

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