Corporate News
Corporate News

BUWOG Group reduces CO2 output by 13,300 tonnes per year

• BUWOG a partner of klima:aktiv Pact2020 since 2011
• BUWOG project "Am Mühlgrund" among finalists for State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability
• Numerous new building projects in passive house standard

BUWOG, Austria's leading private residential company, is increasing its focus on sustainability. Among the extensive measures, which BUWOG is carrying out, in its properties are the construction of photovoltaic systems, sustainable new building projects and efficient thermal refurbishments, the conversion to green electricity, the encouragement of e-mobility as well as green rooftops. This way the CO2 output can be reduced by an average of 13,300 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to an annual CO2 reduction of approx. 79.8 million car kilometres, thus 1,990 times around the earth or half way to the sun.

BUWOG, a 100% subsidiary of IMMOFINANZ Group, has been a partner to the Ministry of life's klima:aktiv programme since 2007 and since 2011 one of just six Austrian companies that are partners to the klima:aktiv Pact2020. In the scope of the pact, large future-oriented companies voluntarily pledge to meet the Austrian climate targets.

One of the numerous innovative and particularly environmentally compatible BUWOG projects, the passive house "Am Mühlgrund" in Vienna's 22nd district, has attained a remarkable achievement: out of 99 submissions it was selected as one of the nine finalists for the "State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability", four of whom were from the area of residential building. The state prize is awarded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (Ministry of Life) and distinguishes projects that stand out due as much to their architectural value as to their ecological, energetic, social and economic sustainability. The BUWOG project was a success in particular due to its passive house standard, innovative interior "vertical garden" spanning four floors, as well as a 400 sqm assisted living unit integrated into the building for senior citizens supported by the Workers' Samaritan Federation (ASB).

This Press Release was dispatched via the Press Office of BUWOG.