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IMMOFINANZ AG: Cancelation of treasury shares

Notice pursuant to section 83 para 2 no 4 Austrian Stock Exchange Act, section 93 para 2 and para 3 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act

ISIN: AT0000809058

IMMOFINANZ AG announces pursuant to section 83 para 2 no 4 Austrian Stock Exchange Act that 97,238,037 treasury shares of the company have been redeemed based on the authorisation by the shareholders’ meeting of the company held on 01 December 2015. Thus, on 08 February 2016, IMMOFINANZ AG fell below the threshold of 5% with respect to treasury shares according to section 93 para 3 Austrian Stock Exchange Act.

In preparation for the cancellation of treasury shares IMBEA IMMOEAST Beteiligungsverwaltung GmbH („IMBEA“) (100% subsidiary of IMMOFINANZ AG) transferred 97,238,037 IMMOFINANZ shares to IMMOFINANZ AG. The relevant date according to section 92a para 1 item 3 Austrian Stock Exchange Act is 08 February 2016. Pursuant to the transfer the shareholding of IMBEA in IMMOFINANZ AG fell below the reporting thresholds according to section 91 para 1 Austrian Stock Exchange Act of 5% and 4%. Per 09 February 2016 IMBEA holds 800,000 IMMOFINANZ shares (part of share buyback program 1/2016). This shareholding corresponds to approximately 0.07% / 0.08% (status previous share capital IMMOFINANZ AG / status after redemption of the share capital).

Due to the redemption of 97,238,037 treasury shares the share capital of the company has been reduced by EUR 97,238,037.00 in total on 09 February 2016 and amounts to EUR 975,955,651.00, divided into 975,955,651 ordinary non-par value bearer shares.

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