Corporate News
Corporate News

IMMOFINANZ AG: Dividend announcement per june 2017

ISIN: AT0000809058

The 24th ordinary shareholders’ meeting of IMMOFINANZ AG, registered seat in Vienna, FN 114425 y, on 01 June 2017 resolved upon a dividend distribution for the abbreviated business year 2016 of EUR 0.06 per share bearing dividend entitlement.

Pursuant to the resolution of the shareholders’ meeting of 01 June 2017 the dividend distribution shall be qualified under Austrian tax law as repayment of capital according to section 4 para 12 Austrian Income Tax Act.

The dividend is due and payable on 07 June 2017 (Dividend-Payment-Date). The shares of IMMOFINANZ AG are traded at the Vienna Stock Exchange and Warsaw Stock Exchange from 02 June 2017 ex dividend for the abbreviated business year 2016 (Dividend Ex-Date). The relevant date for the securities account balance to receive a dividend (Record Date) is 06 June 2017.