Corporate News
Corporate News

IMMOFINANZ AG: On the potential change in the structure of shareholders and potential resignation of Ronny Pecik as a member of the Executive Board

IMMOFINANZ AG announced on 29 January 2021 that RPR Privatstiftung has concluded a share purchase agreement on the sale of its share in RPPK Immo GmbH with Revenite Austria S.à.r.l. on 29 January 2021 and that this share purchase agreement is subject to the condition precedent that EUROVEA Services s.r.o., which holds the second share in RPPK Immo GmbH in addition to RPR Privatstiftung, consents to the transfer by 31 March 2021 at the latest.

RPPK Immo GmbH holds shares in IMMOFINANZ AG (ISIN AT0000A21KS2) and convertible bonds issued by IMMOFINANZ AG (ISIN AT0000A2HPN2).

Regarding the potential sale of the share in RPPK Immo GmbH held by RPR Privatstiftung to Revenite Austria S.à r.l. and the potential resignation of Ronny Pecik as member of the Executive Board of IMMOFINANZ AG, RPR Privatstiftung informed IMMOFINANZ AG today with reference to circulating, different and diverging press releases that it is currently legally examined whether or not the conditions precedent agreed in the share purchase agreement have been fulfilled in time until the end of 31 March 2021. This is currently unclear from a legal point of view. It is therefore also unclear whether the transaction will be closed or not. In any case, the transfer of shares in RPPK Immo GmbH has not been carried out at present and RPR Privatstiftung continues to be shareholder of RPPK Immo GmbH. Therefore, Ronny Pecik has not resigned as member of the Executive Board of IMMOFINANZ AG for the time being.

Ronny Pecik continues to be CEO of IMMOFINANZ AG.