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IMMOFINANZ AG: Share Buyback Programme 2018/2019

Publication pursuant to section 65 para 1a Austrian Stock Corporation Act, 
section 119 para 9 Austrian Stock Exchange Act 2018 in connection with section 5 Austrian Publication Regulation 2018

IMMOFINANZ AG intends to carry out a share buyback programme based on the authorisation by the shareholders’ meeting dated 11 May 2018 pursuant to section 65 para 1 no 8 Austrian Stock Corporation Act. Repurchases of shares in the course of the share buyback programme 2018/2019 will be carried out by IMMOFINANZ AG or one of its subsidiaries.

Date of the authorisation by the shareholders‘ meeting pursuant to section 65 para 1 no 8 Austrian Stock Corporation Act:

11 May 2018

Date and publication of the authorisation:
14 May 2018 via an information dissemination system in accordance with sections 118 para 1 no 9 in connection with para 1 no 22 and 119 para 9 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act 2018 in connection with section 2 of the Austrian Dissemination and Reporting Order of 2018

Commencement and anticipated duration:
16 July 2018 up to 31 December 2019 at the latest

Class of Shares:
Bearer shares (ISIN AT0000A21KS2)

Intended Volume:
Up to 9,708,526 shares representing approx. 8.66% of the current share capital of the company

Purchase price:
The following apply cumulatively as the upper price limits per share: 

(i) 15% above the average daily closing price of the share, weighted by the respective trading volume, on the preceding 10 trading days on the Vienna Stock Exchange; and 

(ii) EUR 25.30. 

Lower price limit: at least EUR 1.00 per share (proportional share of share capital).

Form of repurchase:
Over the stock exchange.

Purpose of the repurchase:
Use of treasury shares for purposes defined by the authorising resolution of the annual general meeting of the company on 11 May 2018.

Consequences for the admission of IMMOFINANZ shares to stock exchanges: None

The repurchase is lead-managed by a credit institution which makes its decision on the time of acquisition independently from the Company and which has to comply with the conditions for trading as defined in article 3 of the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 of 08 March 2016.

Disclosure according to section 5 para 4 Austrian Publication Regulation 2018: The details to be published pursuant to section 7 Austrian Publication Regulation 2018 regarding the transactions carried out in the course of this share buyback programme as well as amendments of the share buyback programme (as the case may be) to be published pursuant to section 6 Publication Regulation 2018, will be published on the website of IMMOFINANZ AG (

This announcement does not constitute a public offer to acquire IMMOFINANZ shares and does neither obligate the Company nor one of its subsidiaries to accept offers to purchase IMMOFINANZ shares.