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IMMOFINANZ expands fast-charging stations for e-mobility in alliance with AMIC Energy and SMATRICS

IMMOFINANZ attaches great importance to promoting the use of renewable energy as part of its net zero emissions strategy. The company is expanding the supply in collaboration with AMIC Energy and SMATRICS, a subsidiary of VERBUND. The idea is to provide the option to charge CO2-free electricity at all locations of the IMMOFINANZ retail parks of STOP SHOP in Austria.

The promotion of renewable energy is a crucial step towards the sustainable future of energy. To this end, climate-friendly mobility is indispensable. The growing increase in the number of electric vehicles shows that the trend is going in the right direction. IMMOFINANZ has set itself the goal of expanding the supply of EV charging stations at the STOP SHOP locations. With its competitive fast-charging stations, AMIC Energy offers easy access to environmentally friendly electricity and is also the optimal collaborative partner to contribute decisively to emission-free traffic. SMARTRIC, a subsidiary of VERBUND, offers  simple handling: power can be charged via the charging card, per app, or via QR code and credit card. The electricity coming from the SMATRICS charging network is provided by the leading Austrian power utility company, VERBUND, and is produced exclusively from renewable sources (and thus CO2-free).

“Our goal is to create zero emissions across the entire value chain by 2040; therefore, it is very important to us to expand the access to renewable energy. We are happy to collaborate with an innovative partner and to jointly drive climate-friendly mobility. The fast-charging stations excel in performance and user-friendliness. This way, our STOP SHOP customers can comfortably re-charge their electric cars while shopping,” explains Katrin Goegele-Celeda, Country Manager Austria with IMMOFINANZ.

Climate-friendly high performance

The strong technical performance of the fast-charging stations ALPITRONIC 150kW manifests itself in their speed. For example, depending on the power of the electric vehicle, the battery may be up to 80% charged within 30 minutes. This ensures an optimal charging rate. Thanks to the broad and future-oriented output voltage of 150 to 1,000 V, the coming generations of electric vehicles will also be able to use the charging station.

“We are a mobility service provider, and our most important goal is to provide our customers and partners with the quick, economical, and environmentally friendly charging of their electric vehicles. At the fast EV charging stations  of AMIC Energy, we offer a quick turnaround with clean electricity from 100% renewable energy, without the customer having to book or sign up. At the same time, we want to make sure our customers spend the short time they are charging as productively as possible. By co-operating with IMMOFINANZ at the retail parks of STOP SHOP we can provide them with this option,” confirms Günter Maier, Managing Director of AMIC Energy.

At the moment, the EV charging stations at the two STOP SHOP locations in Simmering and Stadlau are available, while the expansion of the network to the 13 STOP SHOPS in Austria is underway.

“As 360° provider in e-mobility, we have managed to equip and service AMIC Energy and IMMOFINANZ (at its STOP SHOP locations) with the required charging infrastructure. Thanks to our long-standing experience, SMATRICS ensures smooth, simple, and fast charging procedures at the Simmering and Stadlau locations, with more locations to follow. We are proud to have teamed up with two strong and professional partners to promote e-mobility,” says Ronald Lausch, Chief Sales Officer of SMATRICS.

AMIC Energy is an Austrian investment company with the goal as European mobility service provider to ensure optimal e-mobility supply across various markets and thus to promote a clean and sustainable future. AMIC Energy currently has 20 fast EV charging stations available to customers in Austria and Poland and is evaluating new locations in the focus countries on an ongoing basis.

SMATRICS is a subsidiary of VERBUND and one of the leading international e-mobility service providers. As 360° provider, SMATRICS offers competence across the entire e-mobile value chain. In Austria, SMATRICS operates the first full-coverage high-speed charging network via its own subsidiary together with EnBW, i.e. SMATRICS EnBW. The electricity at SMATRICS EnBW charging stations comes exclusively from renewable sources, produced by VERBUND.