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Corporate News

IMMOFINANZ Group to hold private investor road show

 “An evening with the management“ – under this motto the Executive Board of IMMOFINANZ Group is inviting private investors to a road show in the Vienna Twin Tower on 8 and 9 April 2013. The programme will include a discussion of the company‘s current development and strategy as well as a presentation of selected properties in the individual asset classes. 

The road shows begin at 6.00 pm. Participation is limited to 199 persons on each of the two evenings, and tickets will therefore be allocated on a “first come, first served“ basis. Advance online registration under is required. 

“IMMOFINANZ has a special responsibility to private shareholders because of its history. These investors are important for a healthy capital market since their interest is long-term and they can help to maintain stability in volatile times. Our goal is to provide information that is transparent and focused on the particular target group. This road show gives investors an opportunity, aside from “hard“ facts like the share price and indicators, to learn about our products – the properties – and our strategic focus in detail“, indicates Eduard Zehetner, CEO of IMMOFINANZ Group. 

In comparison with other ATX companies, IMMOFINANZ has a very high share of private investors: With approx. 41%, Austrian retail shareholders hold nearly the same investment in the company as institutional shareholders with approx. 48%. IMMOFINANZ has also carried out programmes for private investors in the past. One example is the campaign launched in 2011 “Exercise your voting rights! It’s all about your assets.“ to underscore the importance of voting at the annual general meeting. This initiative brought IMMOFINANZ the IVA-David* award. The company blog ( also provides interesting insights into the company and serves as a direct line for users to the Executive Board. 

* A prize awarded by the Austrian Shareholder Association (“Österreichischer Interessenverband für Anleger“), which is awarded annually to companies and persons who have made an important contribution to promoting the capital market culture and shareholder-friendly actions.