Corporate News
Corporate News

IMMOFINANZ lets around 3,600 sqm of office space in the Gerling Quartier

IMMOFINANZ Group has obtained new tenants for its biggest development project at present, the Gerling Quartier: on the one hand McKinsey & Company Inc. opted for around 2,900 sqm in the affiliated buildings Carentinus Garten/Gereons Carrée, while on the other hand the bank HSBC will lease space on the approximately 700-sqm first floor of the Lambertina Höfe.

"We are letting large as well as small spaces in the Gerling Quartier and as a result of the variable floor plans are able to respond flexibly to individual requests. The prominent office properties differ not only in their respective names, but also in their interior and exterior design – each building stands out with its own charm and flair", says Peter Valy, who is responsible for Asset Management Office at IMMOFINANZ in Germany.

The first building phase of the Gerling Quartier is basically completed. For example, the Torhaus and the Globale as well as the Agrippina Palais and Gereon Lofts are completely finished and also occupied (by commercial tenants and buyers of the flats that have been handed over). The work on the second building phase has already begun and is to be completed by the end of 2017 – here it was reported just recently that the well-known design hotel chain 25hours will operate a hotel in the rotunda with around 200 rooms.