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Corporate News

IMMOFINANZ: Nicolas Fernandez de Retana to head Asset Management Retail Europe

Nicolas Fernandez de Retana (50) has been appointed Director of Asset Management for IMMOFINANZ Group’s European retail portfolio.

Nicolas Fernandez de Retana, a graduate in industrial engineering/civil engineering from Graz University of Technology, can look back on many years of experience in the international commercial real estate market and asset management. He recently served as the Head of Real Estate for Leder und Schuh AG, where he was responsible for the company’s branches in ten countries and also gained in-depth knowledge of IMMOFINANZ’s core markets. Before that time, he held various management positions in the real estate and construction branches and the industrial sector.

Mr. de Retana will now be responsible for IMMOFINANZ’s European retail portfolio, which had a fair value of approx. EUR 1.1 billion at the end of January 2015. His objectives in the new function will be to increase the value and improve the brand positioning of these properties. IMMOFINANZ Group is focused on large shopping centers in the Quality Shopping Center business segment as well as the rapidly growing STOP SHOP retail park chain and VIVO!, the latest shopping center brand which is designed for locations with a catchment area of at least 200,000 visitors.