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IMMOFINANZ opened its 10th STOP SHOP retail park in Serbia

IMMOFINANZ has opened its 10th STOP SHOP in Serbia, in the city of Sremska Mitrovica. The official opening ceremony was attended by the Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Branislav Nedimovic, who pointed out the significance of this investment for the city and the whole area. IMMOFINANZ was represented by Dietmar Reindl, Chief Operating Officer, and Josko Pitesa, Operation Manager Serbia.

With 22 national and international brands and 7.000 sqm of retail space, the STOP SHOP retail park provides a unique shopping experience for the citizens of Sremska Mitrovica and the surrounding area. Thanks to the well-balanced mix of tenants including fashion, cosmetics, footwear, household goods, gastronomy and other brands, the STOP SHOP retail park creates a pleasant atmosphere for everyone, especially for price-conscious families. The STOP SHOP Sremska Mitrovica has a total of 309 parking spaces located in front of the retail park.

The STOP SHOP retail park in Sremska Mitrovica is fully leased. The broad tenant mix includes familiar brands like Katrin, Barbosa, New Yorker, Panter exchange office, DM, Lilly, Planika, Galen Pharm, Gigatron, Sport Vision, Opposite Shoes, Pertini, Café Pauza, Woby Hause, LC Waikiki, CCC, Intersport, Dekor Dom, N Sport, Only smile is 4 you, Pet Zone and Deichmann.

During the opening day, visitors had the opportunity to enjoy an all-day entertainment programme with special discounts, surprises and interesting activities. The programme was hosted by the popular TV presenter Marija Kilibarda and Inspektor Blaža, a popular comedian and radio host. The stars of the evening are the popular Serbian band Bajaga and Instruktori, one of the biggest musical stars in the region.


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