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IMMOFINANZ sells office properties in Warsaw


IMMOFINANZ is selling an office property complex in Warsaw to a Polish real estate investor, thus taking another step in its strategic portfolio optimisation.

IMMOFINANZ has successfully completed the sale of three office buildings in Warsaw to the Polish ECHO Investment Group. The transaction price amounts to EUR 28.5 million. Located in Warsaw’s Mokotów Business District, the office complex has approximately 43,000 sqm of usable space. The sale is in line with the portfolio optimisation strategy of IMMOFINANZ and was carried out at approximately carrying amount.

“We are pleased about the successful sale as part of our portfolio optimisation programme and will reinvest the released liquidity in the value-creating expansion of our innovative office and retail solutions,” says Radka Doehring, member of the IMMOFINANZ Executive Board.


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Photo(c)IMMOFINANZ_myhive Mokotów Three_PL
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