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IMMOFINANZ signs three new tenants for myhive

IMMOFINANZ signs three new tenants for myhive at Medienhafen for a total surface area of 2,200 m2

myhive Medienhafen, Kesselstraße 3 and Kesselstraße 5-7, 40221 Düsseldorf

Leases signed for: 600 m² / 600m² / 1000 m²

Leases starting in: January (Cloudyiron GmbH)  / February (Pacura Med) / September 2022 (Calzedonia)

Tenants: Cloudyiron GmbH / Pacura Med GmbH / Calzedonia GmbH

The innovative office brand myhive of the real estate group IMMOFINANZ closed the year of 2021 by signing three new tenants: Cloudyiron and the care personnel provider Pacura Med signed lease agreement for 600 m² each and will move in around mid-January and on 1 February 2022. The fashion manufacturer Calzedonia GmbH, brokered by Colliers, will move into 1,000m2 on the myhive campus on 1 September 2022.

“With Cloudyiron, Pacura Med, and Calzedonia, myhive shows again what the brand stands for: a communal experience that allows for variety, exchange, and cross-sectoral synergies,” says Steven Toerschen, Team Head Germany at IMMOFINANZ. “We are very happy to have acquired three new tenants for the Düsseldorf Medienhafen location of myhive before the end of the year. This triple success and the ongoing demand confirms that we have hit the mark with our modern office concepts."

Two of the three new tenants will be moving into the myhive offices as early as at the beginning of 2022. Cloudyiron will be the first on 15 January 2022 (myhive Alto), followed by Pacura Med shortly thereafter. In both cases, the tenants actively got in touch with IMMOFINANZ. Calzedonia GmbH will move into the large space in myhive Largo in autumn 2022. This deal was supported by the real estate adviser Collies Deutschland.