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„myhive jabs“ – Vienna’s most visible vaccination campaign at myhive Wienerberg

IMMOFINANZ has launched Vienna’s most visible vaccination campaign: every evening from sundown, a slogan projected at the almost 140 metres high myhive Twin Towers reminds the Viennese of the Austrian Covid-19 vaccination campaign.  

On an impressive surface area of more than 1,000sqm of the tower’s façade, the slogan “myhive impft” (“myhive jabs”) lights up the Vienna skyline. The logo of the innovative IMMOFINANZ office brand myhive was given the appearance of a syringe used for the Covid vaccination. The campaign is scheduled to run until the end of February, but it may well be extended.

“Across Austria, we are in the great position to have comprehensive access to vaccinations – that is not to be taken for granted. With our highly visible myhive vaccination campaign, we want to set an example and remind people of the vast range of vaccinations that are available to them. After all, vaccinations are a privilege that should be appreciated,” says Dietmar Reindl, COO of IMMOFINANZ.

IMMOFINANZ is planning to make this projection screen available to its tenants in the future.

(c)Immofinanz_myhive impft.jpg