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Notice pursuant to sec. 93 para 1 and sec. 83 para 2 item 1 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act (Change in Total Voting Rights)

IMMOFINANZ AG: Change in number of voting rights

ISIN: AT0000809058

Pursuant to section 93 para 1 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act, IMMOFINANZ AG hereby notifies that as at 6 October 2017, the number of voting rights amounts to a total of 1,116,113,533. The company’s share capital as at 6 October 2017 is EUR 1,116,113,533.00 and is divided into 1,116,113,533 ordinary no-par value shares which currently represent a portion of the share capital of EUR 1.00 each.

These changes are due to an increase of the share capital from conditional capital in the amount of EUR 63,588,158.00 for the issue of 63,588,158 ordinary no-par value shares of IMMOFINANZ AG to meet the conversion claims of holders of the 4.25% senior unsecured convertible bonds due 2018, ISIN XS0592528870, in the course of the incentivised conversion invitation dated 20 September 2017.

Pursuant to section 83 para 2 item 1 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act it is hereby announced that thereby also the number of exercisable voting rights has changed and as at 6 October 2017 comprise in total 1,116,113,533 voting rights.