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Polus Towers: more than 5,000 sqm already let before completion of refurbishment

The current refurbishment of the Polus Towers office buildings is attracting new tenants: even before the completion, the refurbished premises are being filled by the companies Topvar (1,000 sqm), Avon and Greco (500 sqm each) and Daren&Curtis (220 sqm) as well as another international company covering 3,000 sqm, which are moving into the towers.

Both high-rise office buildings of Polus Towers are currently undergoing a complex refurbishment. Some of the new tenants already reside in these new premises. "Everything is going according to our plan, some of our new tenants are already moving into the refurbished premises that we have prepared for them,” confirmed Karel Bor, Country Manager for Asset Management Office&Logistics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia at IMMOFINANZ.

More than 5,000 sqm have been let in the past two months

The largest agreement so far has been the contract on approx. 3,.000 sqm. The respective company will reside on three floors of Polus Tower II. The tenant will join existing long-term tenants in the Tower but will be the first to move in after planned completion of the refurbishment.

More than half of the premises in Polus Tower I have already been let and talks about further contracts are underway. Another new lease contract was signed recently with Topvar (SABMiller) to rent 1,000 sqm. In addition, the Companies Greco and Avon are going to rent approx. 500 sqm each, and the company Daren&Curtis will occupy approx. 220 sqm.

In total, the new tenants with contracts closed during the past two months will occupy more than 5,000 sqm of the refurbished office premises. A while ago the developer IMMOFINANZ announced that it had closed contracts to let almost 2,000 sqm in Polus Tower I. "We are quite satisfied with the development of our negotiations, especially when taking into account the strong local competition. The course of the negotiations shows that our refurbished Polus Towers buildings are attractive for the new tenants," said Karel Bor.

Polus Towers refurbishment – turning old premises into new offices with work-life balance

The Polus Towers were among the very first Class A offices on the Bratislava market and are known to everybody in the city. With the refurbishment of Polus Towers, the Austrian investor and developer, IMMOFINANZ, wants to make sure the buildings continue to deliver Class A standards in 2015 and for many years to come.

As a first step in the modernization, all common areas will be refurbished to make sure functionality and design are of the highest standard. This includes the reception, elevator cabins and the elevator lobbies on all floors. The reception area will feature a comfortable lounge with a coffee bar, seating facilities and a green wall. In addition, the elevators will be equipped with a “destination control system” which allows faster travel times and shorter waiting times.

The refurbishment will be mostly visible in the lobbies of both towers. The design for the representative and modern new offices will increase comfort, optimize functionality and create offices with work-life balance.

The offices will be equipped with new progressive technologies including state-of-the-art cooling via cooling beams (so-called chilled beams). Behind the scenes, central technologies will be upgraded as well.

After refurbishing Polus Towers the works on the Polus City Center improvement will start. The visitors to Polus City Center can certainly look forward to the planned changes.