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Vaci ut 45 D/8
1134 Budapest
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Rent first-class myhive offices in a green area myhive Átrium Park


Modern work space in Budapest's 13th district 

The myhive Átrium Park offices are located in Budapest's 13th district. Offices at the park provide an enjoyable working environment and a unique atmosphere. The office located at Váci Road 45, within the myhive Átrium Park building, features a state-of-the-art architectural design and excellent technical facilities. It includes a large, exquisite inner garden, makes optimum use of, among other things, water, glass, light and green areas to achieve a tranquil and intimate environment. The inner courtyard is seperated from the Váci street by a glass noise-insulating wall which makes for quiet rooms without compromising on a view of the surroundings. The myhive Átrium Park is also home to a restaurant with a cafeteria and exhibition halls, satisfying the needs of all tenants. 

Discover the offices at myhive Átrium Park 

The myhive Átrium Park features a functional, convenient work environment which meets the requirements of modern companies. The total 38,320 m² of office area plus accompanying amenities for rent include five main wings. They can be accessed via eight reception areas with different interior design concepts. 

The ground and first floor feature retail spaces and a restaurant large enough to serve all tenants and employees at myhive Átrium Park. The offices stretch across floors 2 to 8. The office towers, also part of the architectural design, are a suitable location for establishing headquarters for a variety of companies. The city centre is ten minutes away, both by car and public transport (underground, tram and bus). The office complex offers two levels of underground parking including guest parking spaces. 

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