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Kethly Anna ter 1
1077 Budapest
Standing investment
  • High Class Design
  • Flexible Office Areas
  • CCTV System
  • Security Service
  • Restaurants

Modern myhive office in the lively downtown of Budapest myhive Greenpoint 7


myhive Greenpoint 7 office offers great services within an oasis of green in the heart of Budapest. It is easily accessible by car and public transport.

myhive Greenpoint 7, with its clear architecture and user-orientated floor plans features a facade of stone, glass and aluminium, a structural raster of 1.4 m and a tract depth of between 7.35 m and 14.15 m.

Each floor can be divided into as many as four rental units offering a wide range of unit sizes from 280 m² to 2,100 m² on a single floor. The building offers 15,413 m² of office, retail and storage spaces on eight floors.

myhive Greenpont7 is equipped with raised floor, partially suspended ceiling, four-pipe HVAC system, CCTV, opening windows with sunshade panels, designer interior lamps and card access system. The 2,000 m² of green park surrounding the building and the garden within its courtyard are ideal places to relax giving this location a unique atmosphere of serenity.

Tenants are also served by an in-house restaurant and cafe. A three-level underground garage ensures simple parking while the site is also easily accessible by public transport (underground, tram and bus).

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