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Aleje Jerozolimskie 98
02-019 Warszawa
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First-class modern office building located at Jerozolimskie Ave myhive Nimbus


An office in one of the 3 most popular areas for new investments and developments 

myhive Nimbus impresses with its light-filled rooms and high ceilings. The modern building meets high standards and creates a feel-good atmosphere – It is a first-class modern office building located at Jerozolimskie Avenue. myhive Nimbus offers around 20,000 m² of office and retail space. The western part of the building has 14 floors of rentable space while the eastern part has 15 floors of rentable space. Spacious, light-filled offices, combined with green terraces, create a friendly working environment. A three-story underground car park provides 200 parking spaces. 

The Ochota district, where myhive Nimbus is located, has been among the three most popular districts for new investments and developments for years. 

The myhive Nimbus offers special amenities and services 

The list of facilities and services available at myhive Nimbus includes a conference center, parking for cyclists and showers, a mother room, a restaurant and café as well as free wi-fi and green terraces on some of the floors. 

On top of the several bus stops in the neighborhood, as well as tram and train connections, tenants at myhive Nimbus can also benefit from a specially arranged shuttle bus service. 

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